Replacing Broken Glass in Your Window

Making A Repair To A Chipped Windshield

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If you sustained damage to your vehicle’s windshield in the form of a small chipped portion, you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Failing to make a repair to a windshield with a flawed pane of glass can lead to increased damage to the windshield. A small chip may be able to be repaired on your own with help from a few tools. Here are some tips you can use when trying to fill in a chipped area on your vehicle’s windshield yourself. Clean The Windshield Around The Damaged Area It will be necessary to clean the affected area before you attempt to make a repair. This will allow the agent you use to fill in the glass to adhere without the possibility of obstructions in the way. A shop vacuum can be used to remove any small slivers of glass from the area where the chip is present. Afterward use rubbing alcohol to effectively remove any grime from your windshield in the broken area. The glass can then be dried using a piece of microfiber cloth so you do not scratch it. Alternately, place your vehicle in a sunny area and allow it to dry naturally. Fill In The Chipped Area With Resin A windshield repair kit will consist of a small apparatus that you position over the damaged area of your glass. Small suction cups will hold it in place. Also included in a windshield repair kit is resin. This agent is poured into the top portion of the apparatus and then administered with the help of a flange that you pump up and down. The resin will then be directed toward the chipped area, effectively filling it in so no further damage will be sustained. When you use this type of kit, it is important to check that the bottom portion of the apparatus is positioned directly over the center of the chipped area. Smooth The Resin To Ensure A Uniform Look Most windshield repair kits will also include a piece of plastic film. Place this over the resin after you applied it to the damage. Use a credit card to scrape over the plastic. This will smooth the resin so there are not protrusions or bumpy portions as it dries. Place your vehicle in a sunny area or in an enclosed, heated area to aid in the hardening of the resin. If the chip is too large, contact a company like Express Glass Inc. to learn about your windshield repair...

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Using Residential Glass To Create A Modern Home

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Glass is a construction material that most people associate with windows and doors. While glass plays an important role in the construction of windows and doors, this material can also be incorporated into your home’s interior design to add a modern flair to your living space. Here are three ways that you can use glass to create a more modern home in the future. 1. Replace stair railings with glass. The railings and spindles on your home’s staircase play an important role when it comes to the safety and function of your living space. Although railings and spindles are beneficial, they can disrupt sight lines and make your home feel a lot smaller than it actually is. By replacing your existing railings and spindles with residential glass panels instead, you provide a safety railing that won’t block the flow of light. This lends a modern vibe to your living space while helping to make your home appear more spacious. 2. Replace opaque doors with glass. If you really want to open up your living space and create a more modern layout within your home, then removing your opaque doors can be a great place to start. Solid doors can make your home’s floorplan feel segmented, while glass doors can allow for the separation of space without created a boxy feel. If you need added privacy for certain rooms (like a bathroom or bedroom), you can add a frosted design to your glass doors. The design will make it hard to clearly see into the room, but will still allow for the transfer of light that allows glass architectural features to serve as a simple way to create the optical illusion of more space. 3. Use residential glass to add interest. Incorporating the right artistic features into your interior design can help you create a more modern living space. Opting to add transom windows made from beveled glass or choosing to replace your front door’s existing windows with a beveled mosaic can be simple ways to transform your living space. These glass elements add a timeless feel to your home, while the monochromatic color palette created by using clear beveled glass allows you to retain a modern aesthetic. Using a residential glass replacement to create a more modern interior can be beneficial when it comes to decorating your home. Be sure to talk with your glass contractor about replacing you stair railings and spindles and opaque doors with glass, and consider using glass as an artistic focal point within your...

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Answering Questions About Damaged Sliding Glass Doors

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A sliding glass patio door can be an aesthetically appeal and practical feature for a home to have. However, it is a reality that the glass in these doors can suffer some various damages. To ensure that you are prepared to address these issues when your sliding glass door encounters them, you will want to be mindful of the following questions. Will The Entire Sliding Door Need To Be Replaced? Some homeowners may be hesitant about repairing this type of glass damage because they may be concerned about needing to have the entire door replaced. Fortunately, this is not always the case as it is often possible to simply patch damaged glass. When this is not possible, a glass repair contractor may be able to remove the pane of glass from the door so that a new one can be installed. However, this will depend on the design of your door as some doors may be designed so that it is not practical to replace the glass pane. What Does The Glass Repair Process Involve? In instances where it is possible to repair the damaged glass, it is important to understand that this procedure can often be completed in a matter of hours. Sadly, glass chips, cracks and scratches have a tendency to spread as time progresses. As this damage worsens, the repair will become more complicated until it is no longer a viable option to repair the glass. This is due to the fact that this type of damage is repaired by applying a clear resin to the glass. This will discreetly fill in the chip or scratch, which can structurally reinforce the weakened portion of the glass. However, if the damage is allowed to worsen and spread, this resin may not be able to sufficiently compensate for the weakened portions of the glass. How Can You Minimize The Risk Of Your Sliding Glass Door Suffering Damage? A few basic preventative steps can be taken to help minimize the risk of your sliding glass door suffering this type of damage. By applying a protective film to the glass, you can help to minimize the risk of small scratches scuffing the glass. If the layout of your home and yard allows for it, you should consider placing a wooden fence a between the patio and yard. This will help to prevent debris from mowing the grass from damaging the glass in addition to improving the privacy of your home. For more information, talk to a professional like United Glass Service...

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Windshield Repair Processes For Rock Chips

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There are some things to know about rock chip repair for windshields. Here’s a guide to the process before, during, and after the repair.  Protecting Your Windshield Before you take your car in for windshield repair, you may want to take some steps to prevent further damage to the car. As soon as you notice a rock chip, tape the glass on both sides of the chip to secure the crack and help prevent it from widening. You’ll also want to keep your windshield from experiencing any major temperature changes until you get it fixed. Go easy on the windshield when it comes to turning the AC or heater on full blast after the car has been at room temperature.  Checking for Insurance Coverage Before you get your windshield fixed, you might want to check for insurance coverage. It’s often in your insurance company’s interest to pay for a windshield repair, since the replacement costs can be much higher. You might be able to get your windshield repair done for free.  Knowing What’s in the Repair Process There’s a general process that windshield repair technicians will follow for rock chips. First, they may remove any glass bits and dirt from the area. Then, they will drill a hole into the rock chip. A special glass resin is applied to the area and hardened with a UV light. The windshield repair technician will make sure that the resin is flush with the rest of the windshield to avoid any unnecessary visual distortion. After a cleaning, you’re free to drive away.  Asking How Successful Rock Chip Repair is Before you decide to go with a windshield repair, know that they aren’t always successful. A windshield repair can fail if the pressure of the repair causes the glass to crack even further. The easiest rock chip repairs are done when the chip is small and hasn’t begun to spread yet, so taking your car to a windshield repair center right away can help boost your success rate.  Also, a windshield repair can often leave a small visual distortion on your windshield. Although the resin is designed to blend in with auto glass and have similar visual qualities, it’s not always a perfect cosmetic fix. But the small visual distortion of the resin is much smaller than that of the rock chip itself. In some cases, if you aren’t happy with the outcome of your windshield repair or the repair is unsuccessful, your shop may offer a guarantee where they apply the cost of repairs to an auto glass replacement in place of the repair, giving you some safeguards in your repair choice.  For more information, click...

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Three Tips For Cleaning Children’s Artwork Off Of Your Car Windows

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When children are riding in the backseat during a long road trip they can sometimes get bored. When this happens, children can sometimes cause damage to the car windows by drawing on them or applying stickers to them. If this happens during your next family road trip there is no need to get too angry over the situation because just about anything can be removed from the glass, if you are willing to try something new. Use the guide below to learn how to remove your child’s artwork from your car windows. Clean Crayon Marks from the Glass To remove crayon marks from your car window, all you need to do is park in a bright, sunny area so that the crayon marks are exposed to direct sunlight. Allow the crayon to get very hot in the sunlight and it should start to melt. When this happens, use an old gift card to carefully scrape the wax from the glass. You will have some streaking when you are done, but use glass cleaner and a sock to rub the areas well and the wax should come off of the glass quickly and easily. Clean Permanent Marker from the Glass Removing permanent marker from glass may seem impossible, but if you have a pencil eraser, the marker can be removed quickly and easily. Simply hold the eraser at an angle against the marked areas. Rub the areas very firmly in short back and forth motions. You should start to notice the marks removing immediately from the glass. If the marks are not coming off as easily as you would have hoped, you can simply write over the marker with a dry erase marker and wipe all of the marks away with a dry towel. The dry erase marker has chemicals that make the permanent marker no longer permanent. Clean Stickers from the Glass Finally, if your child has chosen to stick numerous stickers onto the glass, remove them quickly and easily with hand sanitizer. Simply apply the sanitizer directly onto the stickers and rub it onto them firmly so that the sanitizer can soak into the adhesive that is holding the stickers in place. Within a matter of minutes, you should be able to scrap the stickers from the glass using a gift card. These simple tips will reduce the amount of fighting that takes place during your next family road trip. They use things commonly found in a car so that you do not have to make a special trip to the store or an auto glass repair shop like Allstate Glass before you can clean your...

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There’s A Storm Brewing: 3 Ways To Protect Your Windows From Hurricane Damage

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If this is your first time living in hurricane territory, you might not be familiar with the proper preparations you need to make. Your windows are one area of your home that will require added protection. Windows can become very breakable during a hurricane. Broken windows can cause serious injuries if you’re struck with flying glass. Not only that but once your windows are broken, your home becomes an easy target for burglars if you choose to head to an evacuation center during the hurricane. After the hurricane, glass repair companies are going to be busy, which means it might be a few days before they can take care of the repairs to your windows. Here are three steps you can take to protect your glass during a hurricane.  Consider High-Impact Glass Windows If you live in hurricane territory, you should consider having high-impact glass windows installed in your home. The glass looks just like your normal glass, which means you won’t have to compromise the beauty of your windows for safety features. High-impact glass windows come in single-pane and dual-pane styles. The benefit of the dual-pane style is that they have an added protective plastic film positioned between the two panes of glass. This added protected will help your windows withstand the pressure of a hurricane. Install Storm Shutters Storm shutters are another excellent way to protect your windows during a hurricane. These shutters aren’t like your traditional shutters that are designed more for aesthetic purposes. Rather, your storm shutters are designed to roll down over your windows to form a protective shield over them. Storm shutters can be operated by a hand-crank located inside the home, or they can be operated by an automatic push-button. Stock Up on Plywood If you haven’t had time to install new windows or storm shutters, you should stock up on several sheets of plywood. The plywood can be measured and prepared before hurricane season arrives. It’s also a good idea to have heavy-duty fasteners installed around your windows. The fasteners will allow you to quickly install your plywood as soon as you get the warning. Don’t wait till the last minute to purchase your plywood, though. Plywood supplies can run out quickly when a hurricane is approaching. If this will be your first hurricane season, you need to be prepared. The tips provided above will help you protect your windows from hurricane damage. For other tips on how to protect your windows during a hurricane, be sure to speak to your local glass dealer (such as Jimmies Glass Incorporated DBA 24 Hour Emergency Glass...

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3 Benefits Of Choosing Insulated Glass For Your New Windows

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If you know that the windows you have at home are ugly, broken or are costing you money each month because they are not energy-efficient, you have probably already considered updating them. One popular choice is insulated glass windows, which have many benefits that you may not be aware of. Therefore, it will be helpful to be aware of the following information when you are considering your options for residential glass replacement. #1 – Insulated Glass Windows Can Help Lower Your Heating And Cooling Costs Insulated glass windows have no fewer than two panes of glass with a small amount amount of space between them. They are closely sealed and the space between the layers provides extra insulation, which means that the treated air in your home is less likely to leak, as it often will through thinner windows. This saves you money on heating and cooling costs. #2 – Insulated Windows Boast A Better R-value It will also be necessary to understand that the strength of insulation is measured by its R-value. Essentially, R-value means thermal resistance and as a result, you will need to look for the biggest number possible when you are concerned about keeping the cooled or heated air inside your home. It may help you to visualize the importance of understanding a higher R-value when you consider that an inexpensive single-glazed window has an R-value of 1. By extension, any number higher than that is an obvious improvement, and since insulated windows can have up to five layers, that number can only go up. #3 – Insulated Windows Are Less Likely To Show Condensation Few people like the appearance or feeling of wet glass. Condensation typically occurs because there is a significant difference between the temperature outside and inside at the same time that there is a high level of humidity outside. Since insulated windows provide at least one extra layer of protection between the two temperatures and humidity, they are often the best solution to this common problem. In addition, it will also be helpful to remember that making sure that you choose the highest R-factor that you can find will be more likely to address the condensation issue. In conclusion, when you know that your windows need to be updated, deciding to replace the glass or get new windows entirely is an important decision that you will be living with for several years. As a result, it will be a good idea to consider the aforementioned advice, so that you are as happy with the presentation of the glass in your home in five years as you expect to be. Talk to a company like Ryan’s All Glass for more information about insulated glass, as well as other window...

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Three Ways That Your Driving Habits Can Reduce Your Risk Of Windshield Damage

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For any driver, it’s a frustration to see that a rock kicked up by another vehicle’s tire has damaged your windshield. Although getting the glass either repaired or replaced won’t cause an increase in your auto insurance, you’d probably rather not have to schedule time to deal with this problem into your daily routine. While you can’t completely eliminate the risk of sustaining auto glass damage to your vehicle, you can adopt some habits that can reduce your chance of experiencing this issue. Here are three ways that you can minimize the likelihood of windshield damage. Stay Covered During Hail You might feel confident enough to brave heading out in a hailstorm, but doing so might leave you with a chipped or cracked windshield. Hail can definitely damage auto glass if it hits at the right angle, which means that Mother Nature might soon have you heading for your local auto glass shop for a windshield repair or replacement. When hail is in the forecast, it’s beneficial to find a covered area in which to leave your vehicle, such as your garage at home or a parking garage near your work. If you can avoid driving until the storm has subsided, you’ll have less of a chance of sustaining windshield damage. Avoid Driving Behind Trucks While any vehicle’s tires can catch a rock and throw it in the air – resulting in damage to your windshield – you’ll often encounter more airborne rocks when you’re following a truck. The abundance of tires on any given truck means that trucks often have a higher likelihood of throwing rocks behind them. Be vigilant about your surroundings when you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle and safely maneuver away from trucks. If you can’t pass a truck or travel in an alternate lane, it’s beneficial to at least slow down your speed to increase your following distance as much as possible. Skip Driving On Gravel Roads Driving on a gravel road can be detrimental to the health of your auto glass. There’s a high likelihood of other vehicles’ tires picking up rocks and throwing them into the air, given all the rocks scattered on the road’s surface. As such, it’s beneficial to try to avoid this type of road as often as you can. Using an online mapping service or smartphone mapping app can help you plan your route so that you’re sticking to paved roads as much as possible....

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Do’s And Don’ts When Your Car’s Windshield Is Damaged

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If your car’s windshield was chipped or cracked today during your commute to work, then it is very important that you take special care not to damage it further. You may be able to have the chip or crack fixed, rather than having to pay the higher cost of replacing the entire windshield, by simply following the suggestions listed below: Don’t Slam the Car’s Door If you slam the door of your car when the windshield has been freshly damaged, then the cracking can run down the glass or the chip can start to form additional crack areas. When your windshield is damaged, carefully close the doors of your car without slamming them to help prevent secondary damage to the windshield glass. Do Open a Car Window When your car’s windshield is cracked, then you should open a window and leave it down if the weather permits you to do so. The open window will help to avoid pressure from building up when you close the door after entering and leaving your vehicle. This pressure can further crack the windshield, and you want to avoid this if you hope to patch the damage rather than have the entire windshield replaced. Don’t Allow Dirt in the Damaged Glass If dust or dirt gets down into a chip or small crack in your windshield, then attempting to repair the damaged area may fail. The contamination will interfere with the chip repair agent’s adhesion, and will make the repaired area appear cloudy. Do Park Your Vehicle in the Shade One of the worst things you can do for a windshield crack is to park your car in the direct sunlight before the crack has been repaired. As the sun shines on the glass it heats it up and the glass expands. This expansion can cause a small chip or crack to turn into an unrepairable larger crack. Keeping your vehicle out of direct sunlight will allow you to fix the damage rather than replace the windshield. Don’t Put Off a Professional Evaluation of the Damage Finally, if your hope is to repair the damaged area on your car’s windshield, then it is vital that you get the windshield’s damage evaluated by an automotive glass professional as soon as possible. The sooner you get your car into the glass shop, the better the results will look and the cheaper the repair will be for your checkbook. Contact a business, such as Econo Glass Company, if you need glass...

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Some Shower Enclosures to Consider When You Redo Your Bathroom

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Installing a new shower enclosure can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. There are several options to choose from whether you have a small room or a large, luxury bath. Here are a few basic designs to consider. Frameless Glass A frameless glass shower enclosure gives your bathroom a trendy, modern look. It can also make the room seem larger since the enclosure is nearly invisible. These enclosures are often made from glass that is treated to repel water spots and soap scum, which makes it easy to keep them clean. Frameless shower enclosures can be made with a door that opens outward, or you can install one with a sliding door if space is limited. Glass Block Enclosure Glass blocks make an excellent shower enclosure because they add an interesting design element to the room. Glass blocks are available in different colors, and they can be made with textures such as ripples and frost. This provides privacy in the shower. You can install a glass block enclosure that doesn’t even need a door if the shower area is large enough. One of these enclosures is perfect for a large bathroom, especially if you want to add a touch of luxury. Framed Glass Enclosure A framed shower enclosure may sound outdated and boring, but that doesn’t have to be true. Instead of the usual silver color, you can choose a metal frame made from brass or chrome. You can even get one made from painted aluminum in any color you choose. You also don’t need to settle for a standard frame. Instead, you can add louvered framed vents to the top or create a multiple-paned enclosure with a combination of glass and metal supports. Textured Glass Surround A textured glass surround is similar to one made from glass blocks. The difference is this one is made from large sheets of tempered glass. The glass is made with different textures to add an interesting visual element and to provide privacy. You don’t need a door when you install a glass surround, so these are ideal if your bathroom is large enough for a large shower area. The surround can have one or more openings depending on the type of design you like. This type of shower enclosure is nice if you have a disability that makes it difficult to manipulate a shower door, or if you use a wheelchair and need to wheel yourself into the shower. When trying to decide on the best shower enclosure for your room, you want to consider the size of the room and how much of the room you want to devote to the shower space. Also, think about privacy. While some glass is textured or frosted, other shower enclosures are clear enough to be nearly invisible. If you share the bathroom with others in the family, you may want an enclosure that offers privacy while still being stylish. Consider looking into local specialists, such as Aladdin’s Glass & Screen Products Inc., to check all your...

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