replacing broken glass in your window

replacing broken glass in your window

  • Window Film Iridescence: What It Is, What Causes It, And Why You Might Like The Effect

    Commercial window film is manufactured in such a way as to coat the film with a multitude of chemicals for protection and light filtration, or to imprint upon the film for decoration and advertising. What many people are unaware of is that a very specific commercial window film produces a fascinating iridescent effect. The effect is almost always unintended, but fascinating nonetheless. Here is more about what this effect is, what causes it, why you might like it, and how to avoid it if you do not want it or enhance it if you do want it.

  • Answering Three Common Glass Repair Questions

    When the windows of your home or business are damaged, you must act to have these issues repaired to prevent water damage and energy inefficiencies from developing. While repairing damaged glass is a routine type of work, there are many questions that you may have concerning repairing damaged glass. Will You Have To Pay Out Of Your Own Pocket? Repairs to window glass can be rather expensive, but these repairs can be necessary for protecting the interior of the home from various types of damage.

  • Three Unique Shower Door Ideas To Give Your Bathroom A Makeover

    Shower enclosures can add to the luxurious feel or a master bath, or they can make a give a smaller bathroom a spa-like feel. No matter which type of bathroom you have, adding the right shower door can transform the look of your space. If you want something out of the ordinary, consider these three shower design ideas to bring beauty and style to your bathroom French Shower Doors French shower doors can give your bathroom a classic country feel or an elegant upscale look, depending on how you accessorize the rest of the room.

  • Making A Repair To A Chipped Windshield

    If you sustained damage to your vehicle's windshield in the form of a small chipped portion, you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Failing to make a repair to a windshield with a flawed pane of glass can lead to increased damage to the windshield. A small chip may be able to be repaired on your own with help from a few tools. Here are some tips you can use when trying to fill in a chipped area on your vehicle's windshield yourself.

  • Using Residential Glass To Create A Modern Home

    Glass is a construction material that most people associate with windows and doors. While glass plays an important role in the construction of windows and doors, this material can also be incorporated into your home's interior design to add a modern flair to your living space. Here are three ways that you can use glass to create a more modern home in the future. 1. Replace stair railings with glass.

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     replacing broken glass in your window

    Do you have a window in your home that is cracked or chipped? Do you keep putting off the repairs because you are unsure about what it will cost you and how extensive of a repair it could be? Did you know that having a window that is cracked or chipped could be putting your family at risk of injury? When a glass panel cracks, the window becomes weak and will not be able to withstand the same force as it did prior to the break or chip. To learn about replacing broken glass in your window, visit my website.